Closer To Reality: Those Little Grey Aliens

The concept of the ‘Greys’ as a ‘flesh-and-blood’ match to the metallic UFO is associated with the Roswell UFO event (July 1947) but that element just appeared over thirty years later. The Roswell event, with or without ‘Greys’ had been buried and neglected until resurrected in the first 1980’s alien labs.

Meantime the ‘Greys’ came to the forefront alone with the UFO abduction phenomena that post-dated Roswell but pre-dated the renewal of the Roswell event as a major UFO case. Though IMHO Roswell is substantial also minus the ‘Greys’, the ‘Greys’ none the less remain a major facet of the present day UFO debate. Speaking of debates, what uses are extracts I had in debating a UFO ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) sceptic concerning the ‘Greys.

The story of the Roswell episode just resurfaced following only two times in the general public attention (minus alien bodies) in September 1947 with the distribution of “The Roswell Incident” by Charles Berlitz* & Bill Moore in 1980, and thus the powers-that-be nearly got away with the Roswell cover-up and deception. However they didn’t count on eye-witnesses coming from the closet when they previously had one foot in the serious and thus had small to anxiety from Dad Mike and violations of the safety oaths.

Today the really fascinating point is that the initial alien abduction event in the USA to obtain coverage – the Gloria and Barney Hill event – came to mild in 1966 (“The Interrupted Journey” by Steve G. Fuller). Gloria and Barney Hill didn’t learn about Roswell, and definitely not about any possible Roswell alien bodies. Yet, their information of the aliens who allegedly abducted them for over two hours fit completely with the article 1980 revelations and descriptions of the Roswell aliens.

Mr. Sceptic might not have seen that as “critical evidence” but the Roswell witnesses and Gloria & Barney Hill truly did. Please explain that interested chance! Sceptics will counter that the “Greys” are engrained in our pop-culture, thus number chance need be joined into.

Calling all sceptics, please name me one movie, one TV display, one amusing book, one sci-fi story, one such a thing which included the basic ‘Grey’ alien ahead of the Gloria and Barney Hill encounter and future coverage in 1966. Positive, pop-culture included several an extraterrestrial, however, not the ‘Greys’, at least maybe not just before 1966.

Gloria and Barney Hill’s ‘Greys’ weren’t inspired by pop-culture. Probably if there had been this kind of impact the Hill’s might have noted Gort or Robbie-the-Robot or The Blob or the Martians from the initial film variation of “The War of the Worlds” ;.

I would explain for the benefit of precision that Stanton Friedman was an un-credited co-author of the 1980 tome “The Roswell Incident” ;.The Berlitz name was basically tacked on for the public recognition and PR value. Berlitz contributed virtually nothing to the articles that expected leg-work and chin-wagging.

When it comes to the general public belief, sure, the Gloria and Barney Hill 1966 abduction event saw the initial real association of aliens or extraterrestrials or ET to be anything equivalent from what we now call the ‘Greys’ ;.That does NOT eliminate the testimony of Roswell witnesses that what they seen were ‘Grey’ aliens.

But that association didn’t area in the public’s attention until 1980. Therefore, all I’michael expressing is that Roswell can NOT have experienced any impact on the Gloria and Barney Hill case. The Gloria and Barney Hill event wasn’t contaminated by any past belief of aliens in the form of the ‘Greys’ ;.

Let’s examine that further. I’ve seemed through all my sci-fi in film and on TV books and I can’t find one representation of a cinema ‘Grey’ just before 1966, only extraterrestrials who are nearly always individual in features or stars in ‘alien’ plastic suits. 1966 was of course once the Gloria and Barney Hill abduction event turned public knowledge, although the abduction was in 1961.

In fact also the 1975 telemovie of this event, “The UFO Incident” obviously included stars in costume and didn’t search like the ‘Greys’ at all. There were number ‘Greys’ in both Flash Gordon or Sale Rogers. I can’t recall just one ‘Grey’ on “The Outer Limits” or on “The Twilight Zone” or on “Technology Fiction Theatre” ;.

Probably had Gloria and Barney Hill been British, then undoubtedly their encounter with alien abductors would have been Triffids or Daleks or Cybermen or the Snow Warriors or Sontarans, the Zarbi or one (or more) of the Quartermass alien beasties. Or even not.

My sceptical ‘friend’, Mr. Sceptic, proposed that the thought of the ‘Greys’ prolonged back again to the first times of science fiction and therefore mankind were previously soaked with that image. Wow. Alas, that’s genuine bovine fertilizer. Does Mr. Sceptic think some offered slight references he came up with from 1893 and 1901 (albeit one by H.G. Wells) therefore soaked the sci-fi earth that the “Greys” turned the be-all-and-end-all of what it had been to be an extraterrestrial?

I really concur that H.G. Wells, along with however Jules Verne, were the men of contemporary science fiction. Probably Mary Shelley of “Frankenstein” popularity was the mother, or great grandmother since she pre-dated Wells and Verne by several decades.

Anyhow, I’michael certain the offered 1893 report and the 1901 story “The First Men In The Moon” by Wells were expected studying in all English literature lessons for many American students and therefore American lifestyle was soaked with things ‘Grey’ ;.Or maybe not. A British essay, also from H.G. Wells from 1893 is barely likely to increase their impact and permeate American lifestyle in 1947 – really now; let’s get real.

Positive, H.G. Wells is famous, however, not very for both works Mr. Sceptic cited. “The War of the Worlds” and “The Time Machine” and “The Unseen Man” rank minds and shoulders above in the overall belief of the studying and cinema going public, none which functions the basic ‘Greys’ ;.

The bottom line however is that 1947 America wasn’t taken with the ‘Greys’ or even with problems of bug-eyed-monsters ravishing terrestrial women as oft observed on the addresses of the pulps, or of the future progress of the individual species, or of such a thing very extraterrestrial, that being several years before the start of the space race.

There is number sensible basis for military personnel (Roswell) nor a typical middle-aged pair (the Hills) to own all of those alleged defining features Mr. Sceptic noted as part and parcel of aliens on mental performance; also inside their subconscious.

Closer To Reality: Those Little Grey Aliens

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