Leaked: 12 minutes from an early version of the Horizon online game

Guerrilla Games wanted to introduce co-op back in Horizon Zero Dawn Energiezellen, the first part of Eloy’s adventures. As a result, this desire evolved into a multiplayer project in the Horizon universe, which has been under development for some time. Recently a concept art and a video from the early version of the MMORPG leaked to the Net.

Recall the description of the developers, the network project will perform in a unique stylized graphics, as well as add new characters. Gamers will be allowed to explore the world and fight against dangerous machines together with friends.

On the video you can see some of the characters. Because of the cartoon style, they look less realistic than the characters from the main games. Their costumes trace elements of familiar tribes: the Karha, who wear shoes with bent toes, the Ozera with their massive belts, and the Nora, who use animal skins and machine parts in their clothing.

The heroes have different skills, for example, Ozera can use the shield, Banuk can bait robotic beasts, and Utaru can throw explosive fertilizer. It seems that in the new game the representatives of different tribes will have their own roles like “tank”, “healer” or “assassin”.

As opponents act bandits and the already familiar trotters, norocops and snappers. Most likely, the release version will collect all the remaining members of the mechanical fauna, and maybe even add new species.

Judging by the demonstration of the early version, experience points will be earned during battles. Along with the growth of the level increases the capacity of pouches.

The team does not specify when the Horizon role-playing MMO will see the light of day. Based on Sony’s plans, the company is going to release ten service games by 2026. It is possible that the project Guerrilla Games is included in this list. Earlier it was reported that the development of the Horizon universe joined the Studio Gobo team.

Leaked: 12 minutes from an early version of the Horizon online game

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