Website Design: Color Matters

Ever since the dawn of civilization, human beings have been enthralled by colors. Some colors are very common in nature while some are exceptional. Some colors are soothing to the eyes while others could be irritating طراحی سایت پوشاک.

The effect of color on the web design is similar to the effect of the color of the clothes that one wears for the occasions. A formal meeting requires a person to wear light shirt and dark trousers. While informal occasions like party allows the person to wear casual dresses and if going for a picnic or hiking the person can wear colorful clothes too.

This is because the color of the clothes has a significant effect on the behavior and response of the opposite person. The impact of any color also depends on the culture and tradition of the targeted audience.

The classic colors include black, white and brown. At times this list also includes royal blues and edgy reds. Most of the websites use these colors especially for the text content. Again the color scheme depends on the products or the services sold through the website. The colors used for a website offering catering services or food items would be different from the website offering educational services.

The use of clean white background and classic back text gives a professional and formal tone to the website. It is not only appealing but also easy to read because most of us have been habituated since kindergarten to read text in black with white background.

This color combination is said to be universal and can be used for most of the website except a few where it does not work. When these colors are used for the website design, the design looks simple but very effective when the visitor reads it and gets converted to buyer.

The pastel colors like yellows and pastel blues can also serve the purpose of being good backgrounds. A dark colored text could look excellent and appealing on these backgrounds. These colors give a feeling of being neat and do not cause any stress to eyes because they are light.

Now let us see something about the irregular colors that are not advisable to be used. The Neon colors could be the most irritating colors. These colors include the neon green, hot pink and bright yellow. People do not like to watch these websites for long.

At times these colors can cause headache to a person. If the visitor feels irritated by the colors used in the website design it is obvious that he/she is not going to buy anything offered through that website. It is better not to use the colors that can harm the business.

Website Design: Color Matters

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