MLB Betting – Bottom 10 According To Stats

As we all know,Guest Posting the first month of MLB 2012 is already history. We are now on the second month and indeed the 1st month brings us many drama, action and surprising teams. My MLB betting card had been turned upside down for some of the teams and so there’s nothing left for me to do but evaluate the past month and make my ranking list of the MLB teams blanton’s full set.

Here is my list of the bottom 10 teams in MLB today. They are also arrange from #1 being the worst to #10 being the least worst. Do avoid to put your MLB betting on these teams as of the moment. They should do a revamp on their lineups or else their season is over as early as now.

1. Pittsburgh Pirates – At 4-7, the Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t getting it done. They rank dead last in MLB in runs scored and home runs. Andrew McCutchen may be hitting .381, but he has yet to hit a home run and has driven in just two runs. Furthermore, no Pirate has more than four RBI to his name through 11 games, making Pittsburgh currently the worst lineup.

2. Oakland Athletics – The Oakland Athletics haven’t moved too far from my preseason lineup rankings. They currently stand as the one of the worst teams in runs scored and sport the lowest batting average in the MLB at .201, leaving no one to wonder why they’re 5-7 to start the season. They lack an everyday starter hitting .300 or better and show a team OBP of .266.

3. Cincinnati Reds – Cant believe I gave rank 6 top MLB teams for Cincinnati on my preseason lineup, now they are somewhat dead on my list falling on the 3rd place of the worst. I guess I was expecting strong starts from Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips, who have combined for a mere one home run and six RBI. As a team, they’re hitting just .205 and are producing just three runs per game. With a struggling lineup in the early going, they’re lucky to be sitting at 4-7.

4. San Diego Padres – I didn’t have high expectations for the San Diego Padres lineup entering the season, and through 12 games, they’re further cementing my expectations. As a team, they lead MLB in strikeouts with 100, and their leading hitter is batting just .250. The team average sits at .216. Their 3-9 record directly reflects their poor offensive start to the 2012 season.

5. Philadelphia Phillies – Think the Philadelphia Phillies miss Ryan Howard and Chase Utley? The Phillies lineup has produced just 35 runs through 11 games while hitting just six home runs and collecting a mere 130 total bases. That’s a far cry from a club that finished No. 13 in all of baseball last season in runs scored. Hunter Pence has been the offense for Philadelphia, leading the team in batting average, homes runs, RBI, OBP and hits. If it weren’t for stellar pitching, the 5-6 Phillies would likely find themselves at the bottom of the NL East.

6. Chicago White Sox – Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski have led the way offensively for the Chicago White Sox so far—each hitting well over .300 and combining for four home runs and 20 RBI—but the supporting cast has lacked. As a team, they’ve produced just 38 runs in 10 games while striking out 87 times. Chicago can’t expect this level of play from Pierzynski for the rest of the season and will need guys like Adam Dunn and Alex Rios to step up if the 5-5 White Sox want to contend.

7. Miami Marlins – The Miami Marlins lineup looks a lot better on paper than it does on the field. The 5-6 Marlins have been led by Omar Infante and Hanley Ramirez instead of Jose Reyes and Giancarlo Stanton. They’ve produced just 41 runs in 11 games, which is shocking for an offense that includes speedsters Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio. Further, Miami has smacked just nine homers and drawn just 26 walks.

MLB Betting – Bottom 10 According To Stats

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